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Energy Healing

Energy healing is a practice of creative , intuitive and soul centred ways of working with self and others for awareness, wellbeing, empowerment and healing.

The term soul relates to our depth, mystery and our quality of connection with oneself, and others around us.

Soul centred therapy is a conscious way of being in relationships, so as to embrace the diverse healing powers of nature psyche and spirit.


Energy healing looks beyond the physical body to the subtle energy systems (meridians, chakras, auric field) this is where dis-ease is located.

Many different modalities can be incorporated to help repair, rebalance, reenergise and unblock these systems, depending on the clients needs.

Reiki, meridian therapy, meditation, crystal healing, auric clearing and kinesiology are just a few, there are many more.

Emotional trauma, stress, unhealthy beliefs can result in these systems being blocked and out of balance and this can occur not just because of one event but a slow build up over a period of time, resulting in a pressed and suppressed energy system, negatively impacting your personal, spiritual growth.

Energy healing can help restore your sense of wellbeing both physically and mentally.